Testimonials of Our Automotive Repair Services for the Avon & Cleveland, OH Area

"So my paid off Kia Sedona started clicking and the check engine light came on right after a trip to "Jiffy Lube" I suspected it was bad news but I didn't anticipate how bad the news would be. I checked google maps because I saw that All Foreign and Domestic Auto Service was in my neighborhood and they just did some renovations to make the place look great. The reviews were what I needed to see. I've been to other West Park places and well. I had new brakes that squealed too at low speed. Anyhow took it to All Foreign and Domestic. It turns out my engine tick was a bad bearing on a piston rod. There is something comforting about someone delivering bad news with an Italian accent. This was on a Wednesday. He quoted me a price for a used engine that was about the same low miles as mine. I did the math on a new car or a lightly used car and decided Id fix the engine. He told me it would be there on Friday and the job would be done late Tuesday. On Friday night he called me to come down to see the new engine in the frame getting ready to be installed. I went up of course. Totally amazing seeing this major surgery on the car. On Monday at around 5pm I got a call "Your car is ready to pick up" (Yes, that was a day early) So they did a full engine swap out in two days. I waited two days where I have driven 300 miles to write a review but things are working perfectly. The engine is so quiet I cant even hear it. Also the rumbling I heard in my suspension was some heat shield (So that is silent and WAS NOT a huge suspension fix) Also my brake job squeal was diagnosed as cheap brake pads and that was fixed as well. My car is back, it is in perfect shape and was WELL taken care of by All Foreign and Domestic. Oh yes and the quoted price in the beginning was SPOT on at the end. No surprises and what I consider a very reasonable price for basically giving my whole car a major overhaul."
★★★★★ - Jed C., via Yelp

"Bernie has "operated" on several vehicles over the past 20 years to the highest degree of professionalism. I have brought lumps of coal to him and he created a diamond. He is fair, honest and most of all thorough. All work is discussed prior to the teardown, etc.

He really knows what he is doing - there is no guesswork!"
★★★★★ - ALS Accounting, via Google+

"I had a nasty noise under my 2005 Ford Explorer. I suspected a wheel bearing was shot and figured it would need to go to a dealer (a.k.a. big bucks). Stopped here and talked with Lou. He said no problem. They found it. Fixed it. $156.84 and out the door! Hey that rhymes! Nice people. Friendly service. Reasonable prices. I'm glad I stopped in. You will be too!"
I had a nasty noise under my 2005 Ford Explorer. I suspected a wheel bearing was shot and figured it would need to go to a dealer (a.k.a. big bucks). Stopped here and talked with Lou. He said no problem. They found it. Fixed it. $156.84 and out the door! Hey that rhymes! Nice people. Friendly service. Reasonable prices. I'm glad I stopped in. You will be too!"
★★★★★ - James K., via Yelp

"Always fair and honest."
★★★★★ - H. Zsarnay, via Google+

"The entire team are Very Professional, Communicative, Honest, and operate with integrity.

You will be impressed by the Excellent Quotes!!! Both parts and labor rates

Would recommend Bernie to my mother.

I drive a 99' VW Passat 1.8Turbo and will take it and any other vehicle to his shop in the future. LOYAL Customer for life!

5 Stars all the way!"
★★★★★ - A Google User, via Google+
"I absolutely love these guys!!! They are so very honest, does the job quickly and fair priced!!! They've done almost every job on my Honda in no time :) & i will always continue to trust them with my vehicle!!!
★★★★★- L. Myers, via Google+

"I searched for 5 or 6 years in the Cleveland area for a mechanic shop until I finally found All Foreign and Domestic Auto Service. Now I use them for everything, and I recommend them to all of my friends. I have been using them for 5 years.

I feel the best using them. With other shops I bring in my car and they keep it for 3 or 4 days. With All Foreign I call, they set an appointment, and then they tell me to pick it up in 4 hours. In today's world, people are busy, and they need their cars. They know exactly how long it will take, and then it is done. I like this way. It is more professional and more precise.

There was one time that I was having a problem with a tire; it was an issue with bearing. I went to a shop, and they told me I had to change all of my bearings. It was a lot of money. I took it to All Foreign and Domestic Auto Service, and they told me I just had to change one bearing. It was a lot less money. I like this shop so much.

The work is good quality as well. They call me and ask if I would like original parts or alternative parts. They tell me how long each option would last, and how much they cost. They explain everything, and then I can do what I want."
★★★★★ - Anthony E., via CustomerLobby

"Took my Mercedes in to this shop for the first time this week. The AC compressor had failed. Bernie took the job in and had it done in less than one days time. Fair and honest and does quality work. I highly recommend this shop versus going to the dealer, (stealer)."
★★★★- G. Richs, via Google+

"Very reputable mechanic. Treats customers with respect, very reasonable rates and excellent service!"
★★★★★ - J. Buehrer, via Google+

"I have taken my car, my wife's car, and my mother in law car here, multiple times over the past 5 years. Does really good work, and price beats all! The owner is a very nice guy, and I highly recommend this company :)! Thank you so much Bernie!"
★★★★★ - R. Hass, via Google+

"Bernie and the guys are awesome!! Friendly, professional, trustworthy, etc. they just recently changed back to all foreign from that "other" place. If you want your car done right, talk to Bernie. My name is Scott, and I will always trust Bernie and the guys to safely fix my family's cars!!!" 
★★★★★ - S. Johnson, via Google+

"These guys are the best and can fix anything. I first started going to Bernie and Nick in the late 1980s with my Alfa Romeo Spider after the Alfa dealer closed. They kept the car running for years. Since then I've had a half dozen different cars from Chevy's to Honda's to Volvo. I was in Cleveland last week to visit my folks and my 2002 Volvo started making a funny noise. I took the car in late Friday afternoon just to have them check it out, figuring that I might have to leave the car for the weekend and pick it up Monday. Bernie greeted me by name, and when I told him what was going on, he went to work on the car immediately. I had a bad ball joint, which people at the office told me is really dangerous to drive with so the return trip could have killed us. Bernie worked on the car until 7pm—an hour after the garage closes—so I wouldn't have to spend an extra night. That's service!! Recommending a mechanic is like talking politics or religion, but in this case, I wouldn't hesitate. "
★★★★★ - A Google User, via Google+
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